Prottoy Math is a top learning resource for anyone looking to increase Mathematics knowledge and skill.

Prottoy Math presents a lot of useful content for Math Geeks, it also gives in-depth resources for fresher who want to enhance their math to the highest level.

Prottoy Math gives you the guidance you need to learn, write and improve your math. So, you can learn Math with whatever you like.

You will find new problem-solving strategies and techniques that are useful for your math preparation.

Prottoy Math’s Cool Concept

You don’t have to be a super-smart to be a successful Math hero. But if you take the learning mindset and put in a lot of time and hard work – you can achieve anything about math.

We don’t have to read math all time a succeed (but be prepared to work hard to improve that) – by working more efficiently we can ensure that we can solve the math problems.

Hard work is a cool solution that can bring success to math.

Math Instructor At Prottoy Math

Prosenjit Sarkar

Hello everyone,
Welcome to a top math learning resource, Prottoy Math! I’m Prosenjit Sarkar, The Math Geeks. I launch Prottoy Math as a passion, a love of mathematics.

What You’ll Find Here on Prottoy Math

Our goals and objectives are to provide complete math lessons, math quizzes, and much more that will help in academics, jobs, and any other competitive exam.

You will learn about the new methods, techniques, and solutions needed to improve your Math skill.

What type of math lessons do we provide?

Here we cover two types of math resources one is Math Quiz and the other is math lessons. With Prottoy Math, you can participate in both Math lessons and quizzes. The quizzes part is cover Pre-algebra, Algebra, Geometry, Job preparation, and other competitive exams.

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That’s it for now! See you next time, Buddy!

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Prosenjit Sarkar

Man Behind Prottoy Math

Assistant Teacher ( Mathematics)

Howdy, I am Prosenjit Sarkar. I have completed my graduation from Mathematics department of Rajshahi University (RU), Rajshahi. I am currently working as an Assistant Teacher (Mathematics) at Palong Tulasar Gurudas Govt. High School, Shariatpur. As well, I have tried to create this site with a love of mathematics.

Prantojit Sarkar


Mechanical Engineering ( BUET )

Hi, I am Prantojit Sarkar. I have completed my graduation from the Mechanical Engineering department of Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology (BUET), Dhaka.