Prottoy Math || Math Aptitude

Topic Based Math Questions and Solutions for Competitive Recruitment Exams. Almost every question has been reviewed multiple times so the answers are almost accurate. In addition, explanations have been added in support of the answers to the questions, if necessary.

If any mistake is noticed in question, you can also correct the mistake and provide self-explanation or feedback on the question itself. Through this section you can also gain knowledge about important math topics.

Let’s take a look at the core features of math aptitude:

  • Topic Based Math Questions & Solutions (Exact + Explanations)
  • Each question is accompanied by an explanation. You can also provide explanations.
  • You can check your position by live test in each question bank.
  • You can check your time management and aptitude by taking regular model tests.
  • You can also correct mistakes and provide self-explanation or feedback on self-questions.
  • If there is a mistake, you can also report to the authorities.

All in all, Prottoy Math’s Job Assistant can be your best friend for math aptitude.

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