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Bangladesh Bank Assistant Director - 2022

বাংলাদেশ ব্যাংকের সহকারী পরিচালক - ২০২২ এর গণিত প্রশ্ন ব্যাংক এবং ব্যাখ্যা সহ সমাধান। পরীক্ষা শেষ করার জন্য আপনার কাছে ৩০ মিনিট সময় থাকবে এবং আপনি যদি নির্দিষ্ট সময়ের মধ্যে কোনো প্রশ্নের উত্তর না দেন তবে তা ভুল বলে বিবেচিত হবে। কুইজে পাস করার জন্য আপনাকে ন্যূনতম ৫০% নম্বর পেতে হবে। পরীক্ষায় অংশগ্রহণ করতে "START" বোতাম টিপুন।

পরিমিতি (Mensuration)

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If x/y = 1/3, then value of (x2 + y2) / (x 2− y2) is-

Compound Interest

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The angles of a triangle are in the proportion of 1:2:3 and the length of the smallest side is 1 cm. What is the length of the longest side of the triangle?

সমীকরণের প্রয়োগ (Application of Equation)

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Mr. X had Tk. 1000 in his savings account. Every month in the first week he needs money, so he withdraws Tk. 500, but by the end of the month, he deposits Tk. 750. After how many months, the original amount will grow three times?


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A passenger paid 50% customs duty on accompanied baggage items. He paid another 20% sales tax on the total value of the items plus the customs duty paid. The total custom duty and sales tax is Tk. 350. what is the value of the item's custom duty and sales tax?

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The average of 10 numbers is 40.2. Later it is found that two numbers have been wrongly added. The first one is 18 greater than the actual number and the second number added is 13 instead of 33. Find the correct average -

পরিমিতি (Mensuration)

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A square room has a square carpet symmetrically placed in it. This leaves an uncovered area of 9 meter2. The area of the whole room is 25 meter2. What is the length of one side of the carpet?

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The difference between the length and breadth of the rectangle is 23 meters. If its perimeter is 206 meters, then, its area is-

অনুপাত ও সমানুপাত

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10² is how many times of (0.01) ³?

পরিমিতি (Mensuration)

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If a:b = 4:7 and b:c = 5:6 then a:b:c =?


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In a certain population group, 57% of the people have characteristics X, and 63% have characteristics Y. If every person in the group has at least what percent of the people have both X and Y?

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M is older than N but younger than O. If m, n, and o are the ages of M, N, and O respectively, then which of the following is true?

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If the numerator of a fraction is increased by 2 and the denominator by 1 it becomes 1. Again, if the numerator decreased by 4 and the denominator by 2 it becomes 1/2 Find the fraction.

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At a stationary shop, it costs Tk. 185 for 4 gel-pen, 8 ball-point pens, and 1 marker pen and Tk. 315 for 7 gel pens, 15 ball-point pens, and 1 marker pen. What would be the cost of 1 gel pen, 1 ball-point pen, and 1 marker pen?

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What is the smallest number of apples that can be distributed equally (without cutting any apples) among 6,10,14 and 18 boys?

সমীকরণের প্রয়োগ (Application of Equation)

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On a 2 km road, a total of 201 trees are planted on the side of the road at equal distances. How many such trees will be planted on a 50 km road such that the distance between two consecutive trees is the same as that of the consecutive trees on the 2 km road?

Compound Interest

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An amount of money is invested in a savings account for two years. It increased by Tk. 52.50 in two years. after annual compounding at the rate of 10% per year. What is the amount invested initially?

সমীকরণের প্রয়োগ (Application of Equation)

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Two small circular parks of diameter 16 meters and 12 meters are to be replaced by a bigger circular park. What would be the radius of this new park, if the new park has to occupy the same space as the two small parks?

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A student obtained 60, 75, and 85 marks respectively in 3 monthly examinations in physics and 95 marks in the final examination. The 3 monthly examinations are of equal weightage whereas the final examination is weighted. What is his average mark in physics?

বয়স (Ages)

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A person's present age is two-fifth of the age of his mother. After 8 years. he will be one-half of the age of his mother. What is the present age of the mother?

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A merchant has 1000 kg of sugar, part of which he sells at 8% and the remaining at 18% profit. He gains 14% on the whole. Find the quantity of sugar that he sold at 18% profit.

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